5 Effective Ways to Use Videos for More Leads and Sales

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Are you using video to tell your company story perfectly each and every time? Professionally produced videos can create a better buying experience for your customers and help them discover why you are the right choice. Videos Build Your Brand Faster and Stronger As you build your brand, videos are an engaging

Five Marketing Tips for Independence Day

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The Fourth of July is easily at the top of the list of favorite summertime shindigs. The celebration of friends, food, fireworks, and a little thing called independence tends to put everyone in a jubilant mood. This midsummer’s holiday is the eighth most-shopped day in our great nation; and a prime time to make

Five Marketing Tips for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is right around the corner and soon we’ll start seeing all the heart-warming, funny, and sometimes absurd ads seeking to gain a share of the almost $20 billion dollars spent annually around the holiday. We are firmly in the digital age (so firm, that the term ‘digital age’ sounds like something an

Holiday Marketing Opportunities

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2021 Holiday Calendar to Plan for Marketing Opportunities Holidays are great opportunities for marketing campaigns that catch your customers' attention and tap into broader cultural trends. When combined with a strong brand presence, holiday marketing campaigns can generate a lot of positivity towards your business and greatly expand your reach. Be creative, unique, and

9 Marketing Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend 2021

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9 Marketing Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend 2021 Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching. Whether traveling, hosting a backyard BBQ, or spending time with family and friends, this weekend celebrating our service members is the perfect start to the Summer Season. Seasoned marketers know it is also a major shopping weekend, meaning new customers

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