Why Videos Deliver the Perfect Sales Pitch Every Time

Videos have the ability to engage your prospect in a warm, relaxed, friendly manner while effectively putting them on the road to understanding your product. When done properly, they will deliver the perfect pitch by subtly influencing your warm-leads with easy-to-consume content and control their focus by making the topic about them and their desired results.

People tend to pay more attention to videos if they’re watching a person and not just text with a soundtrack. Their trust will be at the highest level if they see another human face in the video; this is how the brain works, making the face area a gathering point for information and trust.

Another thing that captures the viewer’s attention is the movement; it engages our natural instincts through the power of peripheral vision. Human voice = better information. The simple fact that you have a human relating facts by voice to another human being is extremely important. It makes it easier for people to digest the information they receive. Conveying emotion to your viewers can be tricky, but by having an outcome-driven video content strategy, you can promote more emotion-centric videos at each stage of the sales process.

3 Tips of Perfect Pitch Sales Videos

We recommend the following when using videos to deliver the perfect sales pitch every time!

  • Use professional talent shot in a studio with a film, audio, and lighting crew. A post-production team can then go to work adding motion graphics and animations at key intervals to deliver your message with full impact!
  • Incorporate the most coveted sales psychology taught by the foremost authorities on controlling prospect focus while simultaneously appealing to their need to rationalize and defend their decisions and actions. These are sales videos designed for a very specific purpose . . . to sell!
  • Incorporate proven emotional drivers such as neuro-linguistic programming, anchoring, internal decision triggers, and embedded commands combined with clear call-to-action strategies.

To determine what type of videos you need to produce, take a look at our next article: 10 Types of Videos Guaranteed to Answer Your Prospects Questions

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