CyberFunnels is an end-to-end customer acquisition system for businesses just like yours.

Imagine being able to execute a very sophisticated method of follow-up that continues to build goodwill, value and will likely result in a sale at some point without any prospects slipping through the cracks or being forgotten as your team closes more sales.


Here’s how CyberFunnels works for businesses like yours:

  • CyberFunnels help attract your target audience and then use customized sales videos to do the pre-selling for your sales team at each milestone of your sales process.

  • CyberFunnels convert your prospect’s pc, tablet, or mobile device into your best salesperson and the pitch will be perfect every time.

  • CyberFunnels uses videos to explain why your business is different and unique. These videos effectively explain what your business does and why you’re different from your competitors.

If the prospect doesn’t buy immediately, our process automates your follow-up with valuable resources and keeps your prospects engaged with your company until they are ready to buy. 

Paid Advertising

Our agency uses paid advertising to drive targeted leads from your marketplace into a CyberFunnel our team custom builds for you. A CyberFunnel is a powerful story-telling engine for your business.

Once inside your Cyberfunnel, prospects are given access to a series of short videos, downloads, and other content that explain what you do, how you do it, and why you’re unique.

This content is organized into an end-to-end buying experience broken down into a series of milestones. Milestones are much like chapters in a book that work together explaining what it is that you do in a very compelling and consistent way.

Milestones & Goals

Each section or milestone in your CyberFunnel has specific goals for the prospect to meet. Such as calling your office, setting an appointment with a salesperson, becoming a customer, or providing referrals.

If your prospect doesn’t meet the milestone goal, your CyberFunnel nurtures them along using automated reminders or retargeting until they achieve the goal.

This system action is called the contingency. However, when the person does meet the milestone goal, called an advance, they are given access to either the next milestone or have now qualified themselves enough to engage with a member of your sales team.

Your Sales Pipeline

We repeat this process over and over each day filling your sales pipeline with fresh new leads, appointments, customers, and advocates who believe what you believe and will refer their friends family, and co-workers.

Your salespeople will love CyberFunnels because it filters unqualified leads that waste their time so they can begin focusing their time and energy on converting more qualified prospects into higher-margin customers faster and with less effort.

Your customers will also love CyberFunnels because it will save them time by not having to do so much research on the Internet along with the hassle of listening to sales pitches in their homes from multiple companies.

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