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CyberFunnels use sales videos and marketing automation to do most of the pre-selling for your sales team. Generating sales leads for you is our mission.

The time between setting an appointment to when the prospect actually meets with a salesperson may be the most critical stage in your entire sales process.

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We feel that the time between your prospects setting an appointment and your salesperson actually meeting with them is the most critical area of your sales process with Marketing Automation.

There are three outcomes that can potentially happen after an appointment is set. The first two outcomes are bad and the root cause for many problems such as sluggish sales, low margins, and salesperson turnover.

The third outcome, which you’ll learn about below, is where CyberFunnels can help.



After an appointment is set, the prospect may do nothing until the meeting. That means they don’t think about you, your products, or services until the meeting with your salesperson starts.
This is bad because you’re now relying on a salesperson to do everything such as building a relationship from scratch, doing a needs analysis, answering questions, developing a solution, presenting your products, telling your company’s story, presenting pricing, overcoming price objections, explaining why you are different than competitors…
And hopefully closing the sale.

If not, then the follow-up begins.

As your salesperson repeats this process multiple times per day, every day, over and over again for every prospect, this repetition can lead to inconsistent performance, fatigue, burnout, and eventually turnover. It’s also a disservice to your customers because they may not be getting the whole story.
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Your prospect is now in their “zone” because they have just taken a big action step. They think to themselves, “maybe I should go to the Internet and start doing some research” which is really bad for so many reasons.

The Internet is where all your competitors hang out and your prospect may find information that is either not true or contradicts what your salesperson will say.

So now, not only does your salesperson have to build a new relationship, which is hard enough, but additionally they also are challenged with unwinding bad perceptions and convincing someone they just met that they are wrong.

Your salesperson’s job has now become exponentially harder which lessens the likelihood of making a sale.

It takes a talented salesperson to resolve this type of potential conflict without causing hard feelings.



Why not give your prospect a third option which satisfies their need to learn and be prepared for the meeting with the salesperson.

This is exactly how a CyberFunnel system can help!

After your staff or the salesperson sets an appointment, they simply tell the prospect prior to the end of the call to expect an immediate email or text message.
This email will confirm the appointment and also has a link to a variety of information that will help them be prepared for their upcoming meeting. This information includes a series of short videos and digital downloads. That’s it. From there, the VIP Prep milestone takes over.

If the prospect does not open the email, our system will begin sending reminders until they do. At the top of the page is a welcome back video that explains how to use the content on the page.

These videos dive into a variety of topics such as:

  • making sure all decision-makers are present,

  • the purpose and goal of this visit,

  • what the salesperson will be looking for during the site survey,

  • the possible outcomes from this visit,

  • product and service videos,

  • how and why things are priced,

  • why you are qualified,

  • next steps if they buy,

  • the fulfillment process,

  • and types of companies they may encounter locally.

So the next question should be will prospects actually watch your videos?

The answer is yes! Empirical evidence across multiple industries overwhelmingly confirms it.

Here is evidence. This is called a view stream and you can see that the majority of these prospects have watched 100% of these clients’ videos.

Here are two more:

In fact, these particular clients used our CyberFunnel system to increase their annual revenues from 8 million to 26 million in two and a half years. They also expanded their sales team from 3 people to 10 during that time.

There are several reasons why viewership is so consistently high for our clients which is related to how we create their videos.

First, video is a better alternative and easier than reading a bunch of text on a webpage.

Second, we make the information about the prospect and their needs and desires, not the company.

And third, we organize the video content and time its delivery so that it matches precisely where the prospect is in the buying cycle.

So, what happens if a prospect doesn’t watch the videos? What’s the risk?

Well, the big risk is that you get what you have now… the salesperson has to do all the work.

People who watch multiple videos would be considered a highly qualified prospect that one of your salespeople would want to invest their time. Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s somebody that is resonating deeply with your strategy and believes what you believe. These are the kind of folks you want to attract and focus your energy on.

Your salespeople shouldn’t be wasting their time on people who aren’t qualified or talking to them about things they are not interested in. To get your company to the next level your sales team needs to invest their time who have demonstrated their commitment level and ready to take action.

Cyberfunnels are a great way for you to help your prospects educate themselves about how to choose a company in your industry that a perfect fit for their situation.

What’s the goal of a CyberFunnel?

The time between when your prospect sets an appointment and the meeting with your salesperson is an extremely critical area of the sales process. If used correctly, it could be leveraged to give your company a huge advantage and help even underperforming salespeople shine like superstars.

The goal of a CyberFunnel is to provide your prospect with valuable insight that is easy to consume and would answer approximately 80% of their questions prior to the meeting with your salesperson. This will reduce fatigue on the salesperson, advance the relationship quicker, and make the meeting more productive.

Who would be a better person for your salesperson to invest their time with? Someone that simply filled out a lead form on the internet or a highly-qualified prospect who has watched a series of videos, downloaded multiple documents about your company, and viewed video testimonials from your previous customers?

That’s the power of a CyberFunnel.

Imagine if every one of your prospects goes through this process prior to meeting with a member of your sales team. Every prospect was price conditioned and had most of the pre-selling done in advance. When the salesperson arrived for the meeting, the prospect already knew all about the products and services you offered, their benefits, and why your company was unique and different from your competitors. And the best part . . . the prospect actually convinced themselves.

That would be a highly qualified prospect, wouldn’t you agree?

CyberFunnels Prep is an important milestone because it’ll be a wonderful experience for your prospect to learn everything they need to know. They’ll love it, they’ll think you guys are awesome, and they are less likely to price grind your salesperson because they understand your real value.

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