2021 Holiday Calendar to Plan for Marketing Opportunities

Holidays are great opportunities for marketing campaigns that catch your customers’ attention and tap into broader cultural trends. When combined with a strong brand presence, holiday marketing campaigns can generate a lot of positivity towards your business and greatly expand your reach. Be creative, unique, and design your campaign to benefit your current customers and draw in new ones.

Using holidays as key dates can also help you plan a broader marketing strategy. Start with the big events and spread your content out both before and after to maximize the return on your campaigns, then fill the rest of your marketing calendar out with smaller events and themes. Giving yourself a least a month or two to plan and implement a campaign for each event, while planning from a high-level at least 12 months ahead to take the stress out of your marketing.

We’ve put together the following list of holiday marketing opportunities. Bookmark this page and use it to kick off your marketing planning. Better yet, connect with us via the form below for a free consult and customized recommendations.

Key Holidays and Events

January 1 – New Year’s Day

January 18 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Changes yearly, always the 3rd Monday of January)

January 22 – National Hugging Day – Unofficial US holiday to give hugs

February 2 – Groundhog Day

February 2 – Superbowl Sunday (Changes annually, usually the 1st Sunday in February)

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

February 15 – President’s Day 

March 8 – International Women’s Day

March 14 – National Pi Day – A fun math holiday for the number Pi (3.14…) and also pie.

March 17 – St Patrick’s Day

March 20 – First Day of Spring

March 20 – International Day of Happiness – UN day to recognize and promote happiness.

March 27 – April 4 – Passover (Changes annually based on the Hebrew calendar.)

April 1 – April Fools Day

April 2 – Good Friday (Changes annually, based on the lunar calendar)

April 4 – Easter  (Changes annually, based on the lunar calendar)

April 7 – World Health Day – UN day to promote global health

April 22 – Earth Day

May 4 – Star Wars Day – “May the Fourth”

May 5  – Cinco de Mayo

May 9 – Mother’s Day  (Changes annually, always the 2nd Sunday of May)

May 15 – International Day of Families

May 31- Memorial Day (Changes annually, always last Monday in May)

June 4 – National Doughnut Day (Changes annually, always 1st Friday in June)

June 8 – World Oceans Day 

June 14- Flag Day

June 20 – Father’s Day  (Changes annually, always the 3rd Sunday of June)

June 20 – First Day of Summer

July 4 – Independence Day 

July 30 – International Day of Friendship / World Friendship Day

August 12 – International Youth Day

September 6 – Labor Day (Changes annually, always the first Monday of September)

September 8 – International Literacy Day

September 22 – First Day of Fall

October 5 – World Teacher’s Day

October 31 – Halloween

November 11 – Veterans Day

November 25 – Thanksgiving (Changes annually, always the 4th Thursday in November)

November 26 – Black Friday (Changes annually, always the Friday after Thanksgiving)

November 27 – Small Business Saturday (Changes annually, always the Saturday after Thanksgiving)

November 28 – December 6 – Hanukkah (Changes annually based on Hebrew calendar)

November 29 – Cyber Monday – (Changes annually, always the Monday after Thanksgiving)

November 30 – Giving Tuesday (Changes annually, always the Tuesday after Thanksgiving)

December 21 – First Day of Winter

December 25 – Christmas

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