The Fourth of July is easily at the top of the list of favorite summertime shindigs. The celebration of friends, food, fireworks, and a little thing called independence tends to put everyone in a jubilant mood.

This midsummer’s holiday is the eighth most-shopped day in our great nation; and a prime time to make important impressions with your customers.

Check out our five Fourth of July marketing tips that will have your sales going BOOM!

Timing is Everything

The Fourth of July holiday officially kicks off the summer vacation season. Families look forward to the long weekend to stretch a quick road trip a bit longer, or to have an extra day to create or enjoy a meticulously crafted home oasis.

In your best red, white, and blue graphic package, remind your customer how much better this year’s celebration would be with your product or service.

Pool installation company? “Let this year be the last year you don’t almost drop your hotdog in the pool!” Add a quirky image of a sunbather on a red, white, or blue floatie and let the festive imagination of holiday consumerism take over from there!

Your message can be silly or have a bit more gravitas; either way, let your customers know you’re aware of what makes them tick.

Leverage Color and Celebratory Themes

Okay, remember all the messages you got about not making marketing campaigns ‘too busy’? Fourth of July is one of the few times where you can confidently throw that advice right out the window.

There’s no such thing as too many background fireworks behind flashing red, white, and blue font (starting to notice a theme, here?). When it comes to advertising around the anniversary of the freedom of our great nation, less is NOT more!

Okay, okay, of course, there’s always a line that crosses overboard, but your July Fourth campaign can definitely afford to push that quite a bit further than any other time of the year.

Give a Little

Of course, we all want to nudge our clients (and their wallets) our way when we’re investing in marketing efforts. But consider this: the most promising customer is someone who likes you. That often means someone you’ve helped or made to feel better in some way.

This year, offer up advice or a useful piece of information.

A patriotic cocktail recipe, a surefire way to be dubbed the grill-master, holiday safety tips for families with pets… all send the message that you care about the person behind the purse.

A Brief History Lesson: America’s and Yours

Sure, most of us know the story of these great United States of America, and how they came to be. In fact, that knowledge, of that history, is what makes many people feel so connected and loyal to their home.

The same thing can work for you. This Fourth of July, give your customers (past and potential) a brief history of your company.

When were you established? Who was your founder? Why did they start this company?

Offering an origin story—whether it be about a relatively new nation, or a relatively old family-owned corner store—fosters a sense of familiarity and history with your audience. Feelings of familiarity breed trust, and trust translates into sales.

Make It a Twofer

Since around 1993 the concept of Christmas in July has taken on a life of its own. Every year, events ranging from farmer’s markets all the way to full-blown conventions are held to celebrate this bonafide holiday. Sometimes, it’s literal Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/etc. wares; other times, the name just refers to an awesome shopping experience or a deal that we don’t typically see until the holidays.

This year, try a ‘Christmas in July Fourth’ campaign.

Do you own a photography studio? Consider offering discounted holiday portraits if clients purchase a package or schedule a shoot by the Fourth of July.

Boutique accounting firm? Offer a 17.76% discount on end-of-the-year accounting services.

Any marketing efforts should always consider the overall implications of a company’s brand, and be sure to not veer too far from the image that’s undoubtedly been carefully crafted.

However, holidays and other special occasions, provide the chance to go off path a bit and explore other approaches to audience messaging. Your ability to explore will certainly be impacted by your established branding efforts, but whatever your niche, get creative and have fun!


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