Father’s Day is right around the corner and soon we’ll start seeing all the heart-warming, funny, and sometimes absurd ads seeking to gain a share of the almost $20 billion dollars spent annually around the holiday.

We are firmly in the digital age (so firm, that the term ‘digital age’ sounds like something an old person says), so the marketing game has gone viral… or at least tries to. A brand that launches a marketing effort that catches fire is sure to experience an increase in buzz and sales.

But not every campaign has to be the stuff memes are made of. Check out five easy and executable marketing strategies to use for Father’s Day that can get you serious attention without needing to be a tech guru or a Kardashian.

User-generated Content

Sometimes it’s a good idea to work hard, but oftentimes, it’s better to work smart.

Allow your followers—or even complete strangers—to do the work for you.

Leverage user-generated content (UGC) by searching your specific hashtag or one that’s closely related, find accounts with moderate to high activity, and repost their content on your page (stories, posts, retweets, shares, etc.)

Up to 92% of customers report trusting real, positive reviews from regular people more than they trust advertisements from companies.

No need to take offense to that fact; take action! Free and effective marketing is a win.

Example: “Repost: We spotted our blazer on this handsome guy, and thought he looked so great, we had to share it with you. Thanks, @johneveryman for supporting our brand!”

Pro tip: Always tag the account you’re reposting so that it points back to their profile. Not only is this courtesy, but it also shows the original poster and your audience that your brand is active and engaged.



It seems everyone has an opinion about everything, your audience is no different. Polls offer an excellent opportunity to not only engage with your target audience, but also allows you to leverage the feedback for future marketing, sales, product, or service ideas.

Polls can be worded playfully or seriously; either way can serve as valuable information and potential leads just the same.

For instance, a cleaning service may post a playfully risqué poll that reads, “Hey dad, how many times a week do you hear “I’m just too tired”?”

Follow up with an advertisement for cleaning services, or personally reach out to the users who responded with a free consultation or a discount code.



Speaking of discounts; we get it, you’re in it to make money. But sometimes a small freebie could be just the thing that pushes your brand to the top of a potential customer’s list.

Selling power equipment? Offer an extended warranty for the first 100 dads who direct message or email your business page.

Are you a national home builder? Offer a free upgrade in carpeting or bathroom countertops.

A local small business? Free ice cream for dads who bring their families for a treat between the hours of 2-4p.m. on Father’s Day!

Ready for this? It could even be a free service or product you already offer! But highlighting it as a giveaway makes customers feel appreciated.


Tag a Friend

Use social media to grow your reach. Combine your Giveaway with a ‘tag a friend’ campaign, by requiring users to tag others to qualify for a neat gift or discount.

“Tag the best three dads you know, for a chance to win a $100 gift card!”

Not only does this put you on the radar of users who may not have come across your platform on their own, but it also often increases your engagement metrics, and leads to most platforms pushing your profile out to more users.

Lifestyle Media Group tag a friend content-fathers-day

Audience Engagement

Take your voice (and by extension) your brand to the social media streets and comment, comment, comment!

Follow accounts and hashtags that resonate with your audience, and offer your opinion, in brand voice with a call to action that urges the original poster and the comment scrollers to check out your product or service.

“Awesome, family vacation picture! You guys look like you’re having a blast 😊 If you want to bring a little of that vacay life back home, check out the pools on our page!”

It doesn’t take being a college kid who grew up with a smartphone in one hand and a gaming system in the other to pull off effective marketing. Use the tips above to help your customers find great gifts that dad will appreciate and to build your social network for years to come.


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