9 Marketing Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend 2021

Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching. Whether traveling, hosting a backyard BBQ, or spending time with family and friends, this weekend celebrating our service members is the perfect start to the Summer Season.

Seasoned marketers know it is also a major shopping weekend, meaning new customers and increased sales. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 9 Marketing Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend to inspire your next promotion.

#1: Lifestyle-focused Content

Your coach will keep your campaign laser-focused on achieving your goals. You’ll gain a new perspective on your role in leading your business to the next level. You’ll spend less time working IN your business as you experience the satisfaction and thrill that come from working ON your business and you’ll get back time to live the life you want.

#2: Remember Why We Celebrate Memorial Day – Honor a Veteran!

It’s also important to remember the reason we celebrate Memorial Day in the first place. This is a holiday for remembering and honoring those who served in the military. Show that you appreciate their sacrifices by sharing their stories (with permission) and expressing sincere gratitude. Many in your community likely served themselves or have family that does and will be thankful for your recognition. 

#3: Crowdsource Content with a Giveaway

This is also a great opportunity to generate some engagement on social media. Encourage your followers to share their stories of veterans or their plans for the Summer. You can host a contest using Twitter collages or a Pinterest “Pin and Win” campaign, where entries that include your product or service in their Summer Wish List are entered for a chance to win! These will not only help your brand stand out, but they’ll also help you capture new followers when done well.

#4: Social Coupons 

Memorial Day is known for having great specials and many pride themselves on finding the best deals. You can win the day with coupons for social media that double as a purchase incentive and a shareable advertisement. A number of tools allow you to create coupons for social media that must be shared before a customer is eligible to redeem it. This can get you new followers while ramping up sales.

#5: Partner with others

Memorial Day is about coming together and there is no better way to show that than by partnering with a compatible local business or even your resellers, manufacturers, and/or vendors. This allows you to extend your reach to new audiences while offering great buying opportunities for your customers. Co-marketing relationships can be huge wins for all involved when done right by cross-promoting to each other’s audiences and increasing the value of the products and services being offered.

#6: Donate Proceeds

Another great partnership idea is to benefit a local nonprofit or charitable organization by donating a portion of sales proceeds. This shows that your business is a contributing member of the community and is invested in everyone’s success. Not to mention, it feels great to help out an organization with special meaning to you. 

#7: Special Discounts to Veterans

Another charitable way to celebrate Memorial Day is to offer discounts to service members and veterans. By showing genuine appreciation for the sacrifices of military personnel, you may have the opportunity to serve someone who might not otherwise have been a customer. An extra incentive to learn more about your brand may be all that is needed to build interest with a new audience.

#8: Cater to Staycationers

Many celebrate the weekend by staying local and upgrading their home. Offering free delivery on large purchases or discounts for online purchases with in-store pickup are great ways to cater to this crowd and generate holiday sales. You might also bundle your offer with home goods and services to create urgency and excitement.

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#9: Extend Your Promotions

Finally, let your specials run for just over a week, or while supplies last. This is a big travel weekend and you don’t want to miss out on those interested customers who might be out of town. You’ll also reduce your competition when you’re the only business around still running a great deal! Free shipping, free items, or a percentage discount on purchases are all great ways to keep the buzz going all week.

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